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VS - Upgraded B58 Engine Hardware Complete Kit BMW & Supra

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VS is taking the B58 to the next level. Upgrade your B58 engine bolts with our high-quality bolt upgrade kit. Designed for enthusiasts and performance-driven drivers, these upgraded bolts are the key to maximizing the potential of your B58 engine. Why Upgrade? 

  1. Enhanced Durability: Engineered with premium materials, our upgraded bolts offer superior strength and durability. Say goodbye to the limitations of stock bolts and embrace a bolt upgrade that can withstand the demands of high-performance driving. OEM bolts are prone to failure even in stock form. OEM bolts are torque to yield which entail weaker tensile strength and one time use. Our VS Upgraded Bolt Kit more than double the tensile strength from a factory component. From 90,000 PSI (Factory Bolts) to 190,000 PSI (VS Bolts) !

  1. Increased Power: Tap into the untapped potential of your B58 engine. Our high-performance bolts provide improved clamping force to ensure the longevity of your built engine. The improved thread engagement is the key to the clamping force. 

  1. Precision Engineering: Meticulously engineered to exact specifications, our upgraded bolts ensure perfect fitment and optimal performance. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your engine's vital components. 

  1. Reliability and Safety: Rest easy knowing that our upgraded bolts have undergone rigorous testing and meet stringent safety standards. Experience greater reliability and confidence on the road as you push the limits of your B58 engine. Non Corrosive bolts are provided to ensure longevity of the hardware, can be used multiple times.

  1. Easy Installation: Upgrading your engine bolts is a straightforward process. Our kit includes everything you need, and our expert team is available to provide guidance and support. Enjoy a seamless installation that is both efficient and hassle-free. This kit is comprehensive and comes with everything needed, no need to piece together bolts or overthink things. VS is here to make life easier.

  1. Cost Efficient: There are other kits in the market that cost more than double what this kit cost for no apparent reason. We are here to ensure the B58 community all succeed, no super top secret stuff here, we are all in it to win it!

What's Included:

- Cam Cap Bolts
- Oil Pump Bolts
- Oil Pump Sprocket Bolt
- Oil Girdle Bolts
- Crank Pulley Bolts
- Flywheel Bolts
- Timing Cover Bolts
- Head/VVL Bolts
- Thread Locker/Lubricant 
- Paint Marker 


Torque specs provided in package, all bolts are labeled for easy install