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VS - Supra Fuel System Upgrade A90 A91

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Introducing the Vader Solutions Fuel System Upgrade for Gen 2 B58 Supra's. Works on A90 and A91 2 port and 6 port. Auto and MT.

This kit is the best solution in terms of fueling, no additional fuel lines required outside of the fuel tank, the stock supra fuel line is 3/8" already from factory no need to replace that and add a regulator if your goal is under 900whp. Super smooth install once the pump is removed and wiring is a breeze. We also DO NOT use zip-ties like the competitors do.

We made it easy for you guys no matter what setup you're running in terms of fuel pump activation. Just let us know what you are going to run and we will ship you a plug n play wiring kit accordingly 

Fuel System upgrade is required over 500-550WHP

What's Included:

- Walbro 525 (Hellcat Pump)
- VS Bracket
- VS Fuel Lines (In-Tank)
- Activation Bulk Head Terminals
- 3/8 High Flow Fitting (Optional Upgrade)
- Activation Harness 


Stock Fuel System with Less Boost and Less Ethanol Content:
-210KPA Fuel Pressure
-18PSI Boost Pressure
-54% Ethanol Content


VS Fuel System Upgrade w/ High Flow Option:
-600KPA Fuel Pressure
-26PSI Boost Pressure
-95% Ethanol