VS - Stage 3 (E Series N54/N55) Rev 3

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One of the best bucketless fuel pump upgrades for the N54 N55 platform . The ultimate modular bracket! 
Using latest technology, the brackets are no longer
billet aluminum. Instead we 3D print the brackets
using a carbon fiber nylon composite which withstands
most checmicals and can withstand a massive amount of
heat. The bracket has been reengineered to cool the pump
while operating using the cooling ports implemented within the bracket
Only requires you to reuse your floater.. FULL PLUG N PLAY
Stage 3 Kit includes
Dual Pump setup (walbro 450’s) , hobb switch , activation harness , and fuel manifold. (currently not using fuel manifold, temp solution in use that will perform 100%)
This stage 3 kit will work great to achieve more than the 700whp mark
In stock
no core required , floater not included
There is no core charge.  Floater not included.  
Will not work on a 5 Series. Fuel pump upgrades
tend to pull more current over the stock pumps..
this will lead to overheating EKP modules and
if this is the case the ekp will need to be
replaced and or upgraded to the EKP3 variant.
(we do not exchange or refund/return pumps
if it is an EKP problem)