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VS - S58 Throttle Body Bypass Kit

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1. Improved throttle response: By bypassing the throttle body coolant lines, the intake air temperature can remain cooler. Cooler air is denser, which can lead to improved throttle response and a perceived increase in engine performance, especially at lower RPMs.

2. Reduced heat soak: The throttle body is located near the engine and coolant lines, which can cause it to heat up. By bypassing the coolant lines, the throttle body can stay cooler, reducing the chances of heat soak, which can negatively affect performance.

3. Potential for smoother idle: The throttle body bypass can help eliminate or reduce idle surging or fluctuations by maintaining a more stable temperature around the throttle body.

4. Simplified design: Bypassing the throttle body coolant lines can simplify the cooling system by removing unnecessary coolant lines and potentially reducing the risk of coolant leaks or failures in the throttle body coolant system.

5. Customization and modification: Enthusiasts often enjoy making modifications to their vehicles to personalize them or improve performance. The throttle body bypass is a relatively simple and reversible modification that some find appealing for its potential benefits.

100% plug n play and irreversible