VS - Rear Drag Brake Kit 235 240 335 340 435 440 535 F Chassis

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For those who are looking to fit 15" rear wheels onto their 235 335 435 240 240 440 this is the want you want. Customize your kit to your liking. Guaranteed to fit Weld, Forgestar, and Racestar 15" wheels. may need some grinding for replica wheels but not much.

 These kits are made to order so lead time of 1-1.5 weeks of shipment. A lot of machining are required to get these to work on F-Chassis 

What you get:


Brake Pads and retaining clip



dust shield needs to be trimmed , otherwise it’s plug n play 


M235 M240 335 340 435 440


VS Recommended color = raw