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VS - N54 VTA Kit

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VS - N54 Vent To Atmosphere (VTA) Kit

This is budget oriented kit for those who want to delete the PCV and opt to vent to atmosphere without a catch can. This kit is essentially the N54 breather system minus the catch can.

How it works:

-The hoses attach to the fitting which go into the back of the valve cover 

-The long hoses crew onto the fitting and routes to the transmission area (aids to avoid any type of fumes or smoke in the cabin)

-You do not need to plug your head ports for this kit, but it does help a lot more*

*see our headport plugging kit by searching “headport” on our search

-Works on any N54 car

The 10AN flapper delete flapper delete and the 8AN PCV delete fitting plug right in without modification (plug n play!)