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Vader Solutions now offering experienced tuning services to the N54 community! VS has been in the platform for many years, we have seen every setup known to man when it comes to the N54 and have been tuning local cars since the begining with great success. It is now time to broaded the tuning services to the public.

VS holds the record for fastest N54 from 60-130MPH recorded on draggy and fastest half mile at 175MPH during the NFZ event in AZ.

We specilize in all N54 tuning and excel in the DCT area. DCT is our specialty we got the torque values down to a science. Stock clutches will do for most applications in terms of DCT with our tuning.

Stock Twins & Hybrid Twins:
-Upgraded Inlets Highly Recommended
-Tired turbos wont perform nearly as good as healthy ones
-Upgraded Intercooler, Chargepipe, and Downpipes are required 
-If running ethanol , must have upgraded fuel system which we carry

Single Turbo:
-Manual Boost Controller Recommended
-GFB and eBoost2 work great as well
-Boost Box must be in healthy condition if thats what you want to use
-JB4 is fine but will charge more since there is double the work
-Ensure WG lines are plumbed correctly

N20 Map sensor is required for any tuning service, please ensure there are no boost leaks otherwise the car will no perform

MHD master license require


offroad use only