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VS - High Flow Turbo Snout

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Engineered to outflow any other guard or filter with its built in velocity stack and bubbled honeycomb mesh, this design inspired by Boeing testing facility. Same technique is used during turbine testing before install to insure optimal flow and peak performance.. 100% turbulence free, this snout will provide the smoothest and most consistent air flow a turbo can ever ask for...

Works only for 4" compressor housing inlets

Slim design so it will fit in the tightest spaces, also very tight snug fit , hose clamp not needed for clean look


The material used is a High Strength High Temp Fiberglass. It lines the walls of the base where you would put a hose clamp (which isnt needed). It's also an insulator to prevent warping and gives the base added rigidity if something collides into it.