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VS Engine Build Program

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Unleash True Power with Our Custom-Built Engine Program

Discover unmatched performance with VS Custom-Built Engine Program — where engineering excellence and passion for power converge.

Why Choose Our Engine Program?

- Expert Craftsmanship: Our engines are built by experienced engineers and machinists with a deep passion for automotive excellence. Each engine is a masterpiece, crafted to perfection with meticulous attention to detail.

- Tailored Performance: We don't just build engines; we create bespoke power units designed to meet your exact specifications. Whether for street dominance or track supremacy, your engine is custom-tuned to deliver the performance you crave.

- Advanced Technology:Leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, we ensure every engine is optimized for maximum power, efficiency, and reliability.

- Quality Components: Only the finest materials and components make it into our engines. We partner with leading suppliers to bring you durability and performance you can trust.

- **Support & Warranty**: Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive after-sales support and warranty programs. We stand behind our work, so you can drive with confidence.(please read store policy for more information)

Join the Winners' Circle

Our clients are champions, record holders, and automotive enthusiasts who share one thing in common — the drive to win. Be part of an elite group that refuses to settle for anything less than the best.

Start Your Engine Build Today

- **Consultation**: Speak with our specialists to outline your vision.
- **Design**: Watch as we blueprint your ideal engine — a true one-of-a-kind.
- **Build**: Experience the thrill of progress with regular updates and photos.




Customer is responsible for shipping charge here and back. We will arrange shipment(charged separately) 
price includes disassembly and assembly also inspection. If cylinder bores are no good it will need sleeves in which price will increase.