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VS - Billet Oil Cap Breather BMW

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**This product is currently back ordered. The fulfillment period will go on first come first serve basis. We currently have no set ETA. The timeline is subject to change.

The latest release in the VS line up! This oil cap breather replaces the stock plastic oil cap for a black anodized billet cap that will not only look fantastic in the engine bay but also function just as good as it looks. 

This breather cap uses a 1.5" inlet filter which reduces any type of positive crank case pressure your force induction car is experiencing. The stock breather/pvc port on bmw valve covers work well after modification but still not nearly as well as a 1.5" breather hole on the top of the valve cover using this oil cap.

Some may not want a catch can in their engine bays for a specific build or extra hosing. This oil cap will ensure the crank case is freed up of any positive pressure without any extra hoses or cans in the engine bay. Keeps things simple yet functional

This will fit any BMW and it includes everything you need to ensure plug n play

For E36 E46 please ensure oil separating valve is deleted and shorter engine mounts are used for the coupes

For S55/N55 please ensure head ports are plugged (REQUIRED) 

What is Included?

-VS Billet Oil Cap

-VS Filter

-PCV Delete Plug (N54 only)