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VS - Billet Anti Surge DV Upgrade N55

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Get rid of the weak factory diverter valve used in the N55 and replace it with this plug n play upgrade from Vader Solutions!

Main Two Flaws that BMW Overlooked:

1. Stock BMW DV is extremely WEAK

2. Stock BMW DV is extremely SLOW 

- The stock DV supplied by BMW is FRAGILE, even on stock boost levels they tend to leak causing boost loss issues followed by a 30FF code aka limp mode. The Vader Solutions replacement helps eliminate that problem by replacing the main component with a billet aluminum housing and high quality internal diagram and spring. This ensures boost does NOT creep past the DV when boost is needed maximizing performance and minimizing boost taper as RPM's clime. 

- Eliminating potential boost leaks is just one of the main benefits to the Vader Solutions DV Upgrade. Another benefit to this upgrade is REACTION SPEED. The stock BMW DV is extremely slow, the pedal release to DV reaction time is slow enough for you to have lunch in that event. When reaction/release time is that slow all it does is allow boost pressure back into the compressor housing causing surge. Surge plays a HUGE role on a turbos life span, it puts a huge amount of force onto the thrust bearing of the turbo and with time it will eventually just give out and no longer supply boost or just smoke a ton from the exhaust.
   The fast reaction time for the Vader Solutions DV upgrade is an anti surge device made to prolong the life of your turbo with fast reaction times in terms of releasing air when you need it to and better on throttle reaction times from air not escaping the DV when you need the power!

Included Upon Order:
- VS Billet Diverter Valve
- Hardware
-Diaphragm Upgrade
-Spring Upgrade