VIE Single Turbo Kit B58TU GEN 2 Supra BMW

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After many months of designing , engineering , and hardcore testing Vader Solutions and VIE have teamed up to release the ultimate single turbo kit for A90 A91 Supra Gen 2 B58. 

The most modular kit in todays market which makes it really nice for those who want to upgrade to bigger turbos down the line without having to change kits. 

This kit uses a single bank wastegate due to its collector and runner volume, the way the manifold is designed allows maximum airflow and volume without increasing exhaust manifold pressure.  Giving the wastegate priority in airflow eliminates boost spike/creep , this makes the setup easier to tune. With the manifold being so efficient there is no need for twin wastegates. The B58 is so technologically advanced that all you need is proper tuning to get the turbo to spool how you want it to. 

This kit broke the B58 and Supra Half Mile Record with STOCK engine clocking in at 180MPH using the G42-1200 Pulsar turbo!

The 6 Port manifold kits uses a 6-1 collector which increases air velocity yielding in faster than twin scroll spool and unmatchable noises

Using high quality stainless steel it is assembled , welded, and test fitted here in the US. Each kit requires a few weeks to fabricate if we don’t have on our shelves. You will be emailed with an exact eta upon your order. 

What is Included?

-Modular V-Band Turbo Manifold  
-Turbo of your choice (G35-1050 recommended)   
-Turbosmart Wastegate    
-Wastegate Dump/Recirc Tube
-Oil Feed Line   
-Oil Drain Line   
-Turbo Coolant Lines   
-Turbo Guard   

Can be ceramic coated if requested as well