BMW Port Injection Injectors

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Works with any port injection kit for your N54 N55 S55 B58 S58 N63 S63

Power Goals:

Under 700 WHP the 550cc is suggested
Between 700-800 WHP the 750cc is suggested
Between 800-1000 WHP the 1000cc is suggested
Over 1000 WHP we suggest the 1300cc  


Specialty injectors are available with:

  • Impedances from 2.5 to 12.5 Ohms.
  • Flow Matched Sets within ≤ 2% Static and Dynamic Flow rates.
  • Includes Flow Rate/Data Sheet
  • Great quality at a great price along with a Worry Free Warranty makes AUS Injection the clear leader in Performance Racing Injectors.

Additionally, we ensure that the Coil Resistance Specification of each racing injector unit will exactly match with the original injector impedance. This means, perfect compatibility with the stock ECU. No problems, surprises and no disappointments.

Plus, 99% of AUS Injection Performance Racing Fuel Injectors are Exact Fit. This means; no adapters, spacers or connectors are required for a quick & professional installation. In those few applications requiring adapters or special connectors, they will be included at No Extra Charge.

Before packing & shipping, any order undergoes an exacting Quality Control Test. This assures that each injector has been individually numbered and tested to meet its rigid flow specs & electrical parameters as components of a matched set.

Our Flow Report lists each injector’s Real Data including Complete Latency (Off Set / Dead Time table).

 does not include port injection plate or kit, this is injectors only