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VS - N54 6 Speed to E36 Conversion Kit

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This kit will allow you to bolt on an N54 6 speed transmission onto any e36 or e46 motor in a e36 chassis . This route is a lot cheaper than going with the s54 6 speed or euro 6 speed. These transmissions can be found from 350-600$ depending on the source. try ebay first if not try


What does this kit include ?

SS cross member 

Shifter selector rod 

Dust shield 

Starter Spacer 

Motor specific hardware 

New Trans bolts from dealer 

Additional hardware

 Install Instructions

What is required?

N54/N55 Starter

N54 Clutch Kit 

N54 8 Bolt Flywheel

E36 Clutch Stopper

Any Transmission Bushing 

Minor Modification to transmission using a drill (very minor modification) 


Drive shaft is one piece 3" made from chromoly