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VS - B58 Gen 2 Front Mount Intake G-Chassis

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This true cold air intake is one of a kind, it takes full advantage of all the dense air ramming into the front kidney grille BMW so happened to bless us with. Turbo's thrive on dense air, the denser the air the more the turbo is able to compress resulting in many positive improvements without any setbacks!

Cold air pre intercooler is a great stat to have, the B58 water-to-air system works great but why not help its efficiency. Why not clean up the engine bay as well, gives room for anything such as VS Catch Can system that will soon to be released. 

This was designed specifically with Fluid Dynamics in mind, the reason why the intake pipe goes straight up as much as possible before hitting the hood is to reduce any type of air turbulence for the MAF to read and scale correctly. This kit can be made shorter but this design is best for best overall MAF performance.    

What are the benefits to this? 
- Quicker Throttle Response
- 3.5" Piping for maximum flow
- Cooler IAT unlike any other intake in the market 
- Quicker Spool
- All the turbo noises!
- More HP (many variables depends on your setup)


Installation does NOT require removing the front bars.

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2019+ m340
2022+ m240
2020+ m440
2020+ 540