B58 Gen 1 Catch Can Kit

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This is a pre-order, cans are finally in production after test fitting. They will ship once they have completed production (end of May) 

After years of experimenting, trial & error, engineering, and development we have finally came up with the perfect catch can kit for the B58 Gen 1 platform.

The B58 is known to have a weak PCV system, you actually start to experience pcv deterioration with the stock turbo as soon as you turn up the boost. With that being said no need to explain what happens when you throw a bigger turbo on your B58. 

This catch can kit is completely plug n play. It includes everything you need to upgrade your current system and delete the stock PCV. 

This kit works great with OEM valve cover, aftermarket valve covers DO NOT work. Whether it’s aftermarket OE style or aftermarket billet. 

This catch can system completely deletes the weak pcv and essentially vents the crank case to keep pressure at absolute 0. This allows the piston rings to seal better when in boost and turbo drains to work more efficiently.

Proudly Designed, Machined, Made, and Assembled in the USA for the best quality!

What is included?

-VS Aluminum Catch Can
-VS PCV Delete Cap
-VS Valve Cover Breather Fitting
-3 10AN Lines