135 335 Intercooler Upgrade

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• Gain up to 25whp/27wtq
• Increased Cooling Efficiency
• Reliable Performance
• Direct Fit
• Fast and Easy Install


An ARM FMIC upgrade is one of the best modifications for your 135i because not only does it yield an average of 25whp and 27wtq but it does so consistently. "How?" you may ask. When you increase power with a tune  for example, you are increasing boost pressure and ultimately heat in the engine. When the ECU (DME) detects too much heat, it will actually reduce timing and limit the amount of power the engine can produce in order to avoid damage. What an ARM intercooler upgrade does for your 135i is keep the intake air temperature in the ECU's "safe zone", allowing it to maximize all the modifications you have on your car. 

5” Intercooler requires 0 modification 
7” Intercooler requires minor trimming behind bumper 
7.5” Intercooler requires trimming behind bumper and behind metal bumper